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When Revealed: Place the city figure of the corresponding color on the space. Find that city's description card and place it on the table. Put the enemy tokens depicted on the figure base face down on the City card. The tokens are revealed when a player is adjacent to the city (even at Night).

While Unconquered: Can be assaulted by one or more players and assaulting players get Reputation -1. Defending enemies are fortified and get the bonuses indicated on the upper part of the City card. If all enemies are defeated, the city is conquered and the player with the most Shield tokens is the city leader (if a tie, the player who first placed a Shield token is the leader).

While Conquered: Multiple players can occupy the city and player vs. player combat is not allowed here. Units with the city symbol can be recruited here. See the light side of the City card for other interaction options. During interaction in the city, player gets Influence bonus equal to the number of Shield tokens he has here.

Bonus: When you end your turn on or adjacent to a city, draw 2 extra cards if you are that city's leader, or 1 extra card if you have at least one Shield token on the city.

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