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Entering: You may enter a labyrinth as your action. if you do so, you may choose one ready unwounded Unit to accompany you. You cannot use any Unit other than the choosen one during the entire action. The choose a path and fight.

Choosing path: Pay 2, 4, or 6 Move. (Move points left from the Move phase cannot be used for his).

Combat: Draw and fight a red Draconum enemy token. Whether you defeat it or not, discard it afterwards (next time, a new token will be drawn).

Reward: If you defeat it, claim your reward according to the amount of Move points you have paid. Two crystals of your choice plus an Advanced Action, a Spell plus an Advanced Action, or an Artifact plus an Advanced Action. Put your shield on the corresponding spot on the map to mark this path as conquered.

Partially conquered: Another player may enter the labyrinth, but will have to choose another path. No player may success conquer the same labyrinth twice, and each path may be conquered once.

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