Level: II

Influence: 6^

Armor: 5

May be recruited^^ at: Mage Tower, Monastery, or Glade^^^

^Magic Familiars cannot be used in any way outside of interaction or being recruited in a glade. (They cannot be recruited by Banner of Command or Call to Glory, targeted by Call to Arms, chosen as a reward for conquering certain Ruins, etc.)

^^When you recruit Magic Familiars, you must also pay a mana of a basic color. Take a crystal of that color from the supply and place it on the Magic Familiars. At the start of every round, remove that crystal and replace it with a crystal of the same or a different color from your inventory. If you cannot or choose not to replace the crystal, the Magic Familiars are removed from the game.

^^^If you recruit Magic Familiars in a Glade, it counts as your action for the turn but is not considered an interaction. Your reputation penalty or bonus doesn't apply, and effects marked "if used during interaction" are not triggered.

Card TextEdit

Attack 3 (+2 if the mana on the card is red)
Block 4 (+3 if the mana on the card is blue)
Move 3 or Influence 3 (+2 if the mana on the card is white)
Heal 2 (+1 if the mana on the card is green)

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