Site description textEdit

When Revealed: Place a yellow token here face up if it is Day, face down if it is Night. A face down token is revealed at the start of the next Day Round, or if someone enters the space.

While Unconquered: You can enter the ancient ruins as your action for the turn. There will either be an altar there, or enemies to fight.

Altar: You can pay 3 mana of the color shown on the yellow token as tribute to the altar. If you do, mark the space with a Shield token and gain 7 Fame as your reward.

Enemies: Draw the enemies depicted on the yellow token and fight them. Any undefeated enemies remain on the space and can be fought later. If you defeat the last enemy here, mark the space with a Shield token and get the reward depicted on the yellow token.

Additional Info & ExplanationsEdit

The rules book and site description card refer to these locations as Ancient Ruins.

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