I am new to this game. I have watched all the youtube videos I can, read through the instructions, yet I am still confused by many issues in the game.

Here are my questions:

If you receive 5 wounds from an ememy during a fight, what else can you do? If your hand limit is 5 you can't draw any more cards during your next turn? Rest doesn't simply heal you (or does it?), what can you do at this point?

Second; if player "A" burns through his deed cards and player "B" still has half a deck of deed cards, player "A" will declare "end of round". Is that the end of the day/night for all other players if "A" makes that declaration? It seems unfair for all other players not to be able to play more of that day/night (if forced to quit like that).

Thirdly; The "Power of Pain" skill gives the player who hold this, +1 or +2. This instruction is poorly written and is very confusing? What can these points be used for? Why wouldn't I use ONE wound instead of two? At this point, holding this skill seems to gain extra points (of what, I am not entirely sure).

Fourth; if you wish to attack a dragon on a mountain (for example), how do you initiate attack? Obviously you cannot move onto the mountain hex to assault it. Conversly, can you attack an orc token without moving and without range attack (proking them to attack in the spot your hero sits on)?

Fifth, Can you only pick one mana die per turn? Or can you use more than 1 die per turn to power other cards?


I suggest you try DaviddesJ (talk) 06:10, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

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