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When revealed: Put Volkare's figure on the camp space. Volakre's token next to the map and the corresponding enemy tokenes face down next to that token, they are revealed when a player is adjacent to the camp.

When Unconquered: Can be assaulted by one or more players (no reputation loss). Volkare joins the battle. Each player puts a Shield token on Volkare's token for each white or red and for each two gray or green enemies he defeats. If all enemies are defeated the player who initiated the assault moves into the camp space and the player with the most Shiled tokens (the one who placed frist in case of a tie) becomes the camp leader.

Recruiting: Units with keep and village symbols can be recruited in the camp, and adjacent spaces. Regular Units may be added to the offer for 1 Influence each. Players gets Influence bonus equal to the number of their Shiled tokens on Volkare's token.

Pursuit: On the camp or an adjacents space, you may invoke combat with a random green or red enemy, or both. If you defeat at least one, mark the space with a Shiled token.

Bonus: If you have at least one Shield on the Volkare's token and you end your turn on or adjacent to the conquered camp, your Hand limit is higher by amount of keeps you have on the map. For each camp leader, the camp also counts a keep

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